Blatboy Productions

Making music the old fashioned way: By playing it.

Blatboy Productions is the homegrown music composing/production arm of J. Walter Hawkes, a four-time Emmy Award–winning composer and also a New York City–based trombone player and ukulele picker.

I compose and produce music for film and television, and also offer arranging and orchestration services for a very wide variety of ensembles. I also have a professional studio that I can record most of the above in: The Blat-O-Box.

  • I provide original music for your movie, short, television show, app, video game...what have you.
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  • I provide horn/string arrangements for your songs, and can record the ensembles here at The Blat-O-Box;
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  • If you need trombone parts and/or solos on tracks (and face it, who doesn't?) I can come to you, or record it here and send it.
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  • Oh, by the way, you can replace the word "trombone" with "ukulele" in the above sentence, and that works too.
Feel free to poke around here a bit. If you happen to be in or near New York City, be sure to check out my Blat Blog if you'd like to see where I'm performing.