Adding that stuff that does that thing, you dig?

My writing career started as an arranger. I've arranged and orchestrated for cruise ship shows, funk bands, corporate events, musical theater, churches, horn sections, string sections, chamber groups, orchestras, big bands, TV evangelists, and most points between.

Audio Examples - Note: These examples are Mp3 quality
  • Todd Londagin - "Nobody Loves Me" (comp. Jon Dryden)
    7 Horns + Rhythm Section
    Introducing Todd Londagin - Artists Only Records
  • Dave's True Story - "Lily 110-140" (comp. David Cantor)
    4 Horns
    Unauthorized - Chesky Records
  • John Lithgow - "Inka Dinka Do" (comp. Jimmy Durante)
    String quartet, bass harmonica, 3 horns + rhythm section)
    The Sunny Side Of The Street - Razor and Tie Records
  • The Jack Grace Band - "Morning Margaritas" (comp. Jack Grace)
    2 Horns, molto vibrato
    Drinking Songs For Lovers - Radia Records
  • John Wesley Harding - God Save The King" (trad)
    Brass Quintet + Drums
    Song Of America - Split Rock Records/Thirty One Tigers
  • JC Hopkins - "I Still Believe In Some Kind Of Love" (comp. JC Hopkins)
    8 Horns + Rhythm Section
    Underneath A Brooklyn Moon - Tiger Lily Records
  • Jet Set Six - "Let's Go To The Beach" (comp. John Ceparano)
    5 Horns (2 peckhorns, 2 euphhoniums + tenor saxophone)
    Life In The Jet Age - Self Release