Recording in the Blat-O-Box

Making the music sound great

The Blat-O-Box is a project studio with a variety of different sounding spaces. It is a room with personality and some nice gear, and it's especially good for smaller acoustic ensembles.

For the most part, the studio is used for my composing and arranging projects, but I have been known to occasionally hire it out for certain projects that fit the space.

Most all of the music for Peg + Cat was recorded here. Be sure to see the examples on the composing page.

Here are some audio examples of music recorded in the Blat-O-Box. The Useless Bastards were recorded live, with no overdubs. The other examples were done in varying degrees of over-dubby-ness. Don't be intimidated by my incredible grasp of technical jargon.

Audio Examples - Note: These examples are Mp3 quality
  • The Useless Bastards - "Useless Bastard" (comp. Bryan Miller)
  • "Tell Somebody" (comp. J. Walter Hawkes/Andrew Burns)
    Uses Big Wet Drum Room
  • Pre War Ponies - "Heart and Soul" (comp. Hoagy Carmichael and Frank Loesser)
  • The Occupants of Uninhabited Space - "Autopilot" (comp. J. Walter Hawkes)