Trombone (and Ukulele): Any style, any volume.

I'm a trombone player. And, I'm a ukulele player. I've played both on many records, and I can play on yours too, if you'd like.

Below are some recorded examples. They are from various records, some recorded in the Blat-O-Box, and some not. Unlike the other audio excerpts on this website, I have edited many of these clips to just "cut to the chase" and get straight on with the trombone or ukulele in question.

And one more thing, if you are in the NYC area, or are interested in my playing schedule, please see my "Blat Blog" at

Audio Examples - Note: These examples are Mp3 quality
  • Norah Jones - "Sinkin' Soon" (comp. Norah Jones/Lee Alexander)
    Not Too Late - Blue Note Records
  • Jet Set Six - "Kimberly Fab" (comp. John Ceparano)
    Life In The Jet Age - Self Release
  • The Pre-War Ponies - "All I Do Is Dream Of You" (comp. ?????)
    Trombone (recorded in the Blat-O-Box)
    Introducing The Pre-War Ponies - Radia Records
  • The Traditional Jazz Collective - "Hindustan" (comp. ???)
    The TJC Returns! - Little Simmy Records
  • John Lithgow - "I Like Bananas" (comp. ???)
    Ukulele (incidentally, I arranged this and played some slide whistle on this too)
    Unreleased - Razor and Tie Records